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  • How to Hang Traditional Chinese Paintings and Calligraphies?
  • rosse-tti2016-05-14 11:24:22
We all know (the saying) that “Three-tenths the handwriting/painting ability and seven-tenths the skill of mounting” (, which means that the mounting of a painting/calligraphy work is more important than the painting/writing itself). But what is the science of hanging a picture? 
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Answered Time: 2016-05-14 11:29:38
The hanging of paintings and calligraphies is closely related to the lighting. We should hang paintings and calligraphies on the wall that is wide and can get the best lighting. For example, the upward side of bedside, windward wall, the desk, tea table, sofa and so on. The shades of a corner or alongside of tall furniture are not suitable to hang paintings and calligraphies. Paintings can be divided into freehand brushworks and fine brushworks. We had better hang fine brushworks on the bright side while freehand brushworks can be hung on somewhere darker. In general, paintings and calligraphies should be hung on the 2/5 height of the wall from the top because the center of the painting is right parallel to our eyesight in the position. In addition, paintings and calligraphies cannot be hung where there is directly exposed to the sun. In raining season when the humidity is high, it is not suitable to hang paintings and calligraphies.
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