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Digital Dreams of Russia - Multimedia Art Exhibition

Exhibition Date: 2015-06-27
Published Date:2015-06-28 15:22
Digital Dreams of Russia - Multimedia Art Exhibition
Digital Dreams of Russia - Multimedia Art Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: June 27, 2015(Saturday)-July 5, 2015(Sunday)
Exhibition Venue: The Qube, PMQ – 35 Aberdeen Street, Central

All the works here were masterpieces from the world famous gallery Tretyakov Gallery, including the best works in Russia. In order to present different aspects of Russian life and culture in front of Hong Kong citizens, those works were showcased repeatedly on the screen through cutting-edge multimedia audio-visual animations.Different paintingsrepresented different stories through their ownunique background music, such as sounds from nature, like chirp, water dropping, wind howling, bell pealing, and other sounds of human life in cities. Besides, the color of exhibition hall was totally in coordination with that of the paintings, so as to make it a more realistic environment for people to experience this visual art exhibition.
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