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  • Title: Photography “Beggar”
  • Publisher: Lewis L.
  • Date: 2016-05-13 15:07


Every country has beggars regardless their nationality and religion. Every city that the majority of Han nationality inhabits has beggars. So, we are not talking about politics. 

    Photography “Beggar”
    Photography “Beggar”


    One day on the noon of July, 2006, the weather was extremely hot.
    On the pedestrian bridge of Zhongsan Road, a business street in Urumchi, XinJiang (Sinkiang), some people were lying at the corner near the handrail, covered with dark black and brown worn blanket and heavy fur. They were a woman of the Uyghur nationality and her two kids. One was about five or six years old, sprawling on the mother’s knees. The other was about one or two years old, held in the mother’s arms. They were in deep sleep and their rosy faces were faintly visible though covered with dust. The woman was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. Her face was good looking though she was in rags. She was also in deep sleep, and looked quiet and kind. Looking down from the bridge, there were rows of upscale department stores and other stores on the street behind the beggar family.

    The woman tramped on the street with her kids, lying in somewhere dirty and ragged. But she could still be peaceful though others are endless flourishing behind her. I don’t know how, but this reminds me of Bouguereau’s oil painting La-charite.

    I can never forget the scene after many years.

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