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    • Claude Cehes    France     female     1949         Institutional Acquisitions: President of the French Republic Regional Fund for Contemporary Art (FRAC) in Ile-de-France Museum of Outdoor Sculpture. Quai St Bernard, Paris City of Montceau - France City of Levallois - France City of Saint-Ouen - France ......

      Claude Cehes
      Joseph Nechvatal    United States     male     1951         The Joseph Nechvatal archive is housed at The Fales Library (Downtown Special Collection) at N.Y.U. in New York City. Collected essays from Hyperallergic can be accessed at: Collected essays at Whitehot Magazine can be accessed at: whitehotma ......

      Joseph Nechvatal
      Deryk Houston    Canada     male     1954         I am a Canadian artist residing in Victoria, B.C., Canada, and I exhibit locally and internationally. My work is about peace and I try to understand why we are here. Cycles of life, generations, seeds and community are important in my work. War fascinates and saddens me because, as hi ......

      Deryk Houston
      Zhang Heding    China     male     1962        
      Zhang Heding
      Yiannis Melanitis    Greece     male     1967         My work initiates from an intense conceptualization on the strategies of the contemporary artist and the artwork itself, deviating from its epistemological origins, implying the use of heterogeneous artistic media, through installations, performances, critical texts, sculptures, painting ......

      Yiannis Melanitis
      NatHalie Braun Barends    Brazil     female     1970         HLife Foundation is based in New York and acts in favour of cultural heritage with benevolent people, benefactors and patrons of the arts from all over the world. If you wish to contribute to the Foundation, please contact me. ......

      NatHalie Braun Barends
      Philippe Halaburda    France     male     1972         The image, unique, designed in a certain time is used to recreate the causes of my emotions. I always tried to tell emotions in a figurative way at the beginning and now in an abstract way. Today, I tend more to recreate the causes of these emotions remaining free as possible. As did ......

      Philippe Halaburda
      Lewis L.    China     male     1979         In nowadays’ commercial community, human relations are not based on blood relationship, personal emotion, or social moral. In more cases, it is money that looks down upon everything and decides the relation. However, money can never be everlasting for a person.So, it is unimportant wheth ......

      Lewis L.
      Wang Panpan    China     male     1982        
      Wang Panpan
      Song Jiangcen    China     male     1988         Note:Song Jiangcen (1988 - ) is a contemporary Chinese ink painting artist who was graduated from art department in Guizhou Normal University and values art creation as well as theory. He is now teaching at a high school in Guizhou province. His traditional Chinese painting works and art ......

      Song Jiangcen
      Singing Palette    China     unknown     2008         The premise for being a master is courage (or integrity). Courage means to go against the trend in techniques or thoughts.Renaissance, impressionism, abstractionism, fauvism, surrealism, postmodernism and others, they all go against the trend no matter in techniques or thoughts when ......

      Singing Palette
    Totally 11 Records