Most Liked Contemporary Installation
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List of Contemporary Installation Artists


    Yiannis Melanitis   Greece

    Yiannis Melanitis (also named as Ioannis Melanitis; Greek: Γιάννης Μελανίτης; 1967 - ) is a contemporary conceptual artist, performance artist, sculptor, installation artist, and digital artist who was born in Athens, Greece. Melanitis is a PhD Fellow; he was elected as a Lecturer, Assis ......Contemporary Installation Artist Yiannis Melanitis

On the Way Towards Iceland - Contemporary Installation
Lastest Artwork On the Way Towards Iceland

    NatHalie Braun Barends   Brazil

    NatHalie Braun Barends (1970? - , also known as Petsiré) is a Germany born Brazilian contemporary artist who is both pretty and intelligent. Her works take part in exhibitions and solo exhibitions over the world and are collected by many museums and art institutions. The artist is versat ......Contemporary Installation Artist NatHalie Braun Barends

Sleepless Night in Paris - Contemporary Installation
Lastest Artwork Sleepless Night in Paris

    Deryk Houston   Canada

    Deryk Houston (1954 - ) is a contemporary Canadian installation artist, sculptor, and painter who was interviewed by many televisions, radios, and newspapers. The subject of his artworks is about peace and exploring “why we are here”, as the artist said. Houston travelled to Baghdad ......Contemporary Installation Artist Deryk Houston

Woodwynn Peace Garden - Contemporary Installation
Lastest Artwork Woodwynn Peace Garden

    Joseph Nechvatal   United States

    Joseph Nechvatal (1951 - ) is an American post-conceptual digital artist, multimedia artist, painter, and art theoretician, he creates computer-assisted paintings and computer animations, often using custom-created computer viruses. The artist developed a few art theory terms including V ......Contemporary Installation Artist Joseph Nechvatal

Trouble Light - Contemporary Installation
Lastest Artwork Trouble Light

    Absalon   Israel

    Absalon, 1964–1993, Israeli installation artist. During his short career he achieved widespread recognition for the 1:1 scale architectural models that he constructed of idealised living units. The installations can be viewed as the reduction of the utopian aims of early modern architect ......Contemporary Installation Artist Absalon

Cell 1991 - Contemporary Installation
Lastest Artwork Cell 1991

    Mira Schendel   Switzerland

    Mira Schendel or Myrrha Dagmar Dub, 1919 - 1988, was a Swiss artist living in Brazil, was considered as one of the exponents of contemporary Brazilian art. In 1994, his works were exhibited in a special room on the 22th International Biennial of São Paulo. The artist is represented in th ......Contemporary Installation Artist Mira Schendel

Untitled from droguinhas 1966 - Contemporary Installation
Lastest Artwork Untitled from droguinhas 1966

    Robert Smithson   United States

    Robert Smithson, 1938 – 1973, famous American artist using photography in relation to sculpture and installation art, in movement of land art. His most famous work is Spiral Jetty (1970), a 1,500-foot (460 m) long spiral-shaped jetty extending into the Great Salt Lake in Utah. In 20 ......Contemporary Installation Artist Robert Smithson

Broken circle 1971 - Contemporary Installation
Lastest Artwork Broken circle 1971

    Wang Guangyi   China

    Wang Guangyi (1957- ; Chinese name 王广义), born in Harbin, is a Chinese installation artist and painter and a main participant in the “Chinese New Art Movement” (“85 New Wave Movement”). He went through the 10-year Great Cultural Revolution in China when he was young. His traditional Chine ......Contemporary Installation Artist Wang Guangyi

Temperature - Contemporary Installation
Lastest Artwork Temperature