The Market Status of Chinese Installation Art

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The last thirty years have witnessed the developmentof installation art in China, which first appeared in western countries. Now there are quite a number of professional installation artists in China and many of their works have been acknowledged in the international art circle and market. However, the market of installation art in China didn’t develop well.

Some installation artists believe there are three reasons for the market status in China: first, the installation art has high requirements in transportation, storage, display, maintenance, etc; second, the installation art works are always in large scale, so it has some difficulties to be resold or cashed; third, the installation art works require particular materials. 

It is the installation art works and photographic works rather than paintings that play the most important roles in the international art exhibitions, such as the exhibitions in Venice, St. Paul and Kassel. There are lots of installation art exhibitions around the world. And its auction market has marched into a matured stage. In the 2006 Sotheby’s New York Spring Auction, most of the installation art works were fetched up to millions or over ten million yuan. On China’s first contemporary installation art auction held by China Guardian Auctions Co., Ltd.in November 2006,Phone Call by Xiao Lu was the first contemporary installation art workfetched over onemillion yuan.

Therefore, Chinese art market still focuses on the traditional paintings and lacks attention to the value of installation art works. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, some international collectors purchased a series of contemporary art works that were not valued in the market at very low prices and sold them out at double prices when Chinese contemporary art market began to brisk up.

The installation art in China is now at the same situation.

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