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Jackson Pollock

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Jackson Pollock Biography:

Paul Jackson Pollock, 1912-1956, was an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was well known for his unique style of drip painting. In 2004, One: Number 31 was ranked the 8th most influential piece of modern art in a poll of 500 artists, curators, critics, and dealers. In 2000, the artist was the subject of an Academy Award-winning film Pollock

In 2006, No. 5, 1948 became the world's most expensive painting, when it was sold for the sum of $140,000,000. 

More About Jackson Pollock
One of the few American artists to really break the mold and stereotype is none other than Paul Jackson Pollock. He was born January 28th, 1912 but had his career cut short at the age of 44 due to a car crash. This is around the same time that most artists are either in the meat of their career or finding themselves. For Pollock, he started his career blazing and on top. An innovator that really defined how to manufacture drip painting on a large scale, he was a big figure in the Abstract Expressionist movement. With all of his brilliance there was a very temperamental side, which is why the love of fellow artist Lee Krasner was so important. Married in 1945, Lee was the perfect muse for Pollock and guided both his personal life and his career in a direction that was mutually beneficial. With worldwide fame pulling at Pollock, it was especially difficult since he was such a recluse. Before his death, ‘Scent’ and ‘Search’ would become last Jackson Pollock paintings, although they weren’t his last official works. Despite a rocky personal life, Lee Krasner continued to be an important part of Pollock and kept his memory in the hearts of many, even years after his passing.

Analysis of Jackson Pollock Paintings
Not many American painters get recognized internationally compared to other famous painters in history. The short career and life of Pollock gave birth to some very interesting ideas and works.

1938 saw the introduction of ‘The Flame’, a horrifying glimpse into the belly of the underworld. The flame in the center can be many things, whether it is a demon, an animal, or even the king of the underworld himself. But there is enough power in this Jackson Pollock painting to really draw out raw emotions, with flames so detailed it feels as though they are hot to the touch. 

The infamous children’s story about a whale was popularized in fiction, and brought to life again with ‘Blue’ in 1943. In what looks like a scattered creation, many expect to see a giant killer whale since it is based off of the book. The Pollock painting however tells a very precise story, one that may even rival the book itself. The colors are brilliantly used against the blue background, with a lot of extras bits thrown in for effects sake. This was one of major Jackson Pollock paintings and is instantly recognized by seasoned collectors.

For a darker look that rivals ‘The Flame’, then look no further than 1953’s ‘The Deep’. Beautiful and in some ways entrancing, there is a huge mystery about it that makes it perfect for picking apart. No one knows what is waiting behind the absolutely gorgeous patterns on both sides of the Jackson Pollock painting. What waits behind the black in the middle? Although this question will probably never get an answer, it provokes enough mystery that some people completely forget how wonderfully detailed the painting is. It is a technical masterpiece, even by Pollock’s lofty standards. 

But the Jackson Pollock paintings mentioned are actually some of his more straightforward work. To get to the work that made everyone revere him as a genius of his time, then you’d have to look more towards paintings like ‘Shimmering Substance’. This 1946 work may look like a bunch of colors scribbled on a canvas, but the pattern reveals so much more on further looking. As out of place as everything looks on the canvas, it is actually what is considered organized confusion. Using just about every color imaginable, Pollock managed to convey just about every human emotion, and all within a single painting. It is one of most impressive Jackson Pollock paintings to date.

Another winner with the same thought process is ‘Enchanted Forest’ from what is considered the Drip period. Currently being displayed proudly in a museum in New York, this Jackson Pollock oil painting does away with the bright colors of ‘Shimmering Substance’ and replaces it with more dark colors and refined edges. In between all of the madness is a spark of life, but it is buried so deep that it warrants studying from different angles. Pollock was a genius at creating these illusions, and his greatness continues to live long and proud in history.

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Graduation School: Art Students League of New York

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