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Gender: male   1951

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Jafar Pour Danandeh Shahir's Art Exhibition Online and Biography

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Jafar Pour Danandeh Shahir

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Various Paintings

Jafar Pour Danandeh Shahir Biography:
Jafar Pour Danandeh Shahir (1951 - ) is a contemporary Iranian oil painter who was born in Tabriz and received art education since 8 years old. His art careers benefits from traveling and residence in more than 90 countries across the world.

His works can be found in the private art gallery of Shahir, the lranian cities of Abadan, Tabriz and Tehran as well as Dubai/UAE and Ankara/Turkey.

Jafar Pour Danandeh Shahir's Representative Works Exhibitions:

Establishing Permanent Art Galleries and Exhibitions in
lranian Cities;
Abadan: prior to the Revolution in the 1970s
• Posters Exhibition.
• Lithographs Exhibition.
• Oil Color Paintings Exhibition.
• Exhibition of Decorative Embossed Art Made of Wood,
Feathers and Shells.
• Exhibition of Embedded Tableaus Made of Natural Materials
in Chinese and Japanese Style.
• Collages Tableaux Exhibition.
City of Tabriz:
• Private and Permanent Training Art Gallery and Exhibition,
3 consecutive years.
• Private and Permanent Training Art Gallery and Exhibition,
1 O consecutive years (during the imposed war).
• Producing and Exhibiting Dried Fower Kits Along With
The Guidebooks.
• Producing and Exhibiting Paintings on Glass .
Tabriz and Tehran:
• Engraving and imprinting on gold along with teaching, 5
consecutive years in Tabriz and Tehran,
• Permanent exhibition and painting-teaching institution and art
generation, over 25 years to the present;
• Holding lndividual and Professional Painting Exhibition, 9 times in
Tehran, Iran.
• Abstracts
• Romanticism
• Classic
Persian Gulf Region - UAE:
• Participating in the Persian Gulf region's festivals (Dubai Festivals ), 11
consecutive years (1996-2006).
• lndividual Painting-Calligraphy Exhibition entitled «ESHGH» (LOVE),
Time Museum, 2011.
• lndividual Painting Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey, 2011.
• Establishing Permanent Painting and Painting-Calligraphy Exhibition
and Gallery, Ankara, 2011-onwards.
• Taking part in the lzmir lnternational Fair, 2011.
• Taking part in The Biennial Painting Exhibition, lstanbul, Turkey, 2011.
• Publishing works in a title on countries' exceptional works of art, İstanbul, 2011

Graduation School: High School

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