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Gender: male   1914

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Kansuke Yamamoto

Art Types involved-in: Photography

Kansuke Yamamoto Biography:
Kansuke Yamamoto (山本悍右) , 1914 – 1987, was a Japanese photographer and poet, and a prominent surrealist. He often created works which indicated liberty, antiwar and anti-government in surrealistic ways. There are two books by Kansuke Yamamoto: “Yoruno Funsui”, 1938; and ”Batafurai (Butterfly)", 1970. He donated his body to science upon his death. His works were collected by below museums: Nagoya City Art Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, The J. Paul Getty Museum.

Kansuke Yamamoto's Representative Works Exhibitions:
1936 Personal Exhibition / Maruzen Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.
2013 "Japan's Modern Divide: The Photographs of Hiroshi Hamaya and Kansuke Yamamoto" / The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
2015 Paris Photo 2015 / Grand Palais, Paris, France.

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