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Gender: male   1940

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Li Jiahui

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting

Li Jiahui Biography:

Li Jiahui (1940-2010) was a contemporary Chinese oil painter, was member of Fujian Artists Association, and a dean and associate professor of the Art Department in Jimei University. He was as homely as his works that are on display in many art exhibitions at home and abroad and many of his artworks are now collected by museums at provincial and municipal levels. 

His oil painting Yu Guang Qu (Song of Fisherman) gained the bronze medal at the 10th international art contest in 1998 and Hui’an Women also won bronze medal the next year at the 11th international art contest. In Nov. 2004, "Li Jiahui Oil Painting Collection" was published by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing Corporation.

Li Jiahui's Representative Works Exhibitions:
1994, oil painting exhibition in Tainan city, Taiwan.
1996, oil painting solo exhibition in Singapore.

Graduation School: Fujian Normal University

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