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London The Archivist Gallery

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Various Paintings, Multimedia, Photography

Profile of London The Archivist Gallery:
The Archivist Gallery is situated near Haggerston Overground Station in London, the venue is a combined contemporary art gallery, and events space. They have a gorgeously unique waterside exhibition space that sets apart from any other gallery space. Featuring some of London’s best up and coming artists as well as established talents from all over the world, The Archivist gallery is committed to delivering excellent art to diverse audiences. Their broad and thriving exhibition programme ranges from usual genres of visual art, graphic art, and design.

The Archivist Gallery is one of options for Singing Palette to hold small exhibitions in London, they will put this across their network for our artists (20k on Facebook, 8k on our mailing list) and provide a fully staffed gallery for up to seven days a week (events depending).  

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