Most Liked Contemporary Multimedia
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List of Contemporary Multimedia Artists


    Joseph Nechvatal   United States

    Joseph Nechvatal (1951 - ) is an American post-conceptual digital artist, multimedia artist, painter, and art theoretician, he creates computer-assisted paintings and computer animations, often using custom-created computer viruses. The artist developed a few art theory terms including V ......Joseph Nechvatal

Computer Virus 2.0 (multimedia)
Lastest Artwork Computer Virus 2.0 (multimedia)

    Jeff Green   Canada

    Jeffrey Stuart Green (1956 - ) is a Canadian multimedia artist who worked in a variety of media including radio, television, computer, DVD-based multimedia, and in live nightclub settings. He earned critical acclaim and a number of awards, was instrumental in the evolution of broadcast r ......Jeff Green

The Tuning
Lastest Artwork The Tuning

    Janet Cardiff   Canada

    Janet Cardiff, 1957-, is a Canadian female artist of sound installations; especially a form she calls audio walks. Janet Cardiff first gained international recognition in the art world for her audio walks in 1995. Janet Cardiff got National Gallery of Canada Millennium Prize.Source: wiki ......Janet Cardiff

The Paradise Institute 2001
Lastest Artwork The Paradise Institute 2001

    Maurizio Bolognini   Italy

    Maurizio Bolognini, 1952-, is an Italian post-conceptual media artist. His installations explore the potential and implications of new media technologies starting from the minimal and abstract activation of processes that are beyond the artist's control, at the intersection of generative ......Maurizio Bolognini

Programmed Machines
Lastest Artwork Programmed Machines

    Jeremy Blake   United States

    Jeremy Blake, 1971 – 2007, was an American digital artist and painter. His work included projected DVD installations, Type C prints, and collaborative film projects. He was selected to participate in the Renaissance Society group exhibition, "All the Pretty Corpses", in 2005. H ......Jeremy Blake

Winchester Redux
Lastest Artwork Winchester Redux

    Maurice Benayoun   France

    Maurice Benayoun (aka MoBen), 1957-, is a French pioneer new-media artist and theorist based in Paris and Hong Kong, got over 30 awards internationally. His multimedia work employs various media, including (and often combining) video, immersive virtual reality, the Web, wireless technolo ......Maurice Benayoun