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Gender: female   1982

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Natalia Browarnik's Art Exhibition Online and Biography

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Natalia Browarnik

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Various Paintings

Natalia Browarnik Biography:
Natalia Browarnik (1982 - ) is an emerging artist and a member of the Israel Painters & Sculptors Associations. She was born in Belarus (the former USSR) and lived in Israel since 2008. She was graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Art ( 2002- 2008), and studied at the Belarusian State College of Art from 1999 till 2002. 
Natalia already had several solo exhibitions in Belarus, USA, and Israel; she has also taken part in some national painting contests. Nowadays she participates in various art exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
Her paintings can be found in private collections in Israel, Belarus, Russia, USA ,Canada, and Europe. 

Natalia Browarnik's Representative Works Exhibitions:
Solo Exhibitions:
Art Gallery, Tiberia, Israel, 2014;
David Art Gallery, Haifa, Israel, 2012;
"OpenDoors", Yokneam Moshava, Israel, 2010;
"OpenDoors", Yokneam Moshava, Israel, 2009;
"The Landscapes of Belarus", Haifa, Israel, 2009;
"My Touch toIsrael," Minsk, Belarus, 2007;
" My Paintings", Belarus, 2001.

Group Exhibitions:
“Yokneam Artists  2015”, 2015;
"Modern Jewish art",Jerusalem, 2013;
David Art Gallery, Haifa, Israel, 2012;
Israeli Professional Artists Association, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2011;
"Water in Our Life", Megido, Israel, 2010;
" Butterfly", (commemorate the 1.5 million children who died during World War II-era genocide of Jews). Haifa, Israel, 2009;
Art Festival – "The Women Day", Haifa, Israel, 2008.

Graduation School: Belarusian State Academy Of Art

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