Mahi (Work)

Bryce Brown
Keywords: New ZealandMaoriwoman workingweavingwoman sittingearthykiwicloakcolorcolourboldmodernisticfigurefigurative

Work Overview

Mahi; (verb) (-a,-ngia) to work, do, perform, make, accomplish, practise, raise (money).
I love vintage photos of New Zealand Maori and settlers in a time when traditions were still a part of everyday life, practical living and an earthy existence. Though this is a global image in ways and this still is the norm in many places. 
I did a recent trip down the east coast of New Zealand's North Island where you get a glimpse into our recent history and bygone industries. This rekindled my love for these people and this imagery and was the catalyst for Mahi.
Mahi depicts an elderly Maori woman or Kuia mending a cloak or korowai, in this case one of Kiwi bird feathers, so it would have been precious indeed. 
The hut or whare behind her is made from raupo swamp reed.