Prayer Flags on the Himalayas

Francoise Lautier
Keywords: TibetPray FlagsHimalayasMountainMonasteryBlue skywindsnowcapped landscapeMountains

Work Overview

Inspired by the windy slope, floating flags spread their blessings and hopes in the wind. The primary color of the prayer flags against the pale background of nature created a stunning contrast. The artist enjoyed the peaceful energy of the snow cap of the Himalayas peak, the cold and the clean air, while she was traveling to Shangri-La in Yunnan province where Tibetans live. Increases her feeling of purity and honesty, contemplating the floating flags, feeling the wind, connects to the universe.

Lautier’s paintings reflect the energy, the movement, the breath of the earth, plants, and beings her devotion and energy are intricate through vibrant colors.

Francoise Lautier is a Hong Kong-based painter, she has exhibited works in some of the prestige’s galleries throughout Asia.

Her works are inspired by travels in Burma, Laos, Thailand, China including Tibet, Bhutan and Indonesia. She promotes spirituality through colorful and vivid paintings. Her expression of Asian lifestyle takes shape in different forms, whether on canvas or ceramics. She combines various medias in works such as papers, or gold leaves, or curry powder, to strengthen the meanings of her art.

The works are signed and Certified by the artist.