Collage Treasures to Share

Francoise Lautier
Keywords: Hong KongVintageNewspaperNewsPicturesHarborCommerceCitySkyscraper

Work Overview

The reason why the artist uses newspaper as preferred medium to create the "Collage Treasures to Share" is that it is the original medium used for dissemination of news. The life of a newspaper is short: once the news were read, the paper lose its usefulness and become waste paper. “I, on the other hand, see it differently, instead of throwing it away, I treasure what I found on the paper.”

Francoise also borrowed the Chinese traditional ink and brush technique, representing the past to link to the present. The subjects on the canvas reflect the incredible transformation of this small island in the past 20 years which she calls home. The Unique brand of modern day Hong Kong could not exist today, melting the best of East and West without the colonial history under the British rule.

Francoise meant to pay tribute to this solid medium. Within its reporting unfolding the glorious history, both news and stories faithfully affects, molds, and changes our life in the past and onward to the future.


Francoise Lautier is a Hong Kong-based painter, she has exhibited works in some of the prestige’s galleries throughout Asia.

Her works are inspired by travels in Burma, Laos, Thailand, Tibet, China, Bhutan and Indonesia. She promotes spirituality through colorful and vivid paintings. Her expression of Asian lifestyle takes shape in different forms, whether on canvas or ceramics. She combines various medias in works such as papers, or gold leaves, or curry powder, to strengthen the meanings of her art.

The works are signed and Certified by the artist.