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List of Various Paintings Old Masters in Art History

Antique Various Paintings - The Blue Boat
Lastest Added Work The Blue Boat

    Winslow Homer   United States

    Winslow Homer, 1836-1910, was an American landscape painter, best known for his marine paintings. He was considered one of the foremost painters in 19 ......Various Paintings Old Master - Winslow Homer

Antique Various Paintings - Castel Fusano
Lastest Added Work Castel Fusano

    William Stanley Haseltine   United States

    William Stanley Haseltine, 1835-1900, was an American oil painter and draftsman,associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting, the Hudson River Sc ......Various Paintings Old Master - William Stanley Haseltine

Antique Various Paintings - Portrait
Lastest Added Work Portrait

    William Holman Hunt   United Kingdom

    William Holman Hunt, 1827-1910, was an English painter, one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. He was always keen to maximise the popu ......Various Paintings Old Master - William Holman Hunt

Antique Various Paintings - A Harlots Progress plate 3of 6
Lastest Added Work A Harlots Progress plate 3of 6

    William Hogarth   United Kingdom

    William Hogarth, 1697-1764, was an English painter who has been credited with pioneering western sequential art. Knowledge of William Hogarth art is s ......Various Paintings Old Master - William Hogarth

Antique Various Paintings - Elisha In The Chamber On The Wall
Lastest Added Work Elisha In The Chamber On The Wall

    William Blake   United Kingdom

    William Blake, 1757-1827, was an English painter, is now considered a seminal figure in the history of the poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age. ......Various Paintings Old Master - William Blake

Antique Various Paintings - Study of a Seated Veiled Female Figure
Lastest Added Work Study of a Seated Veiled Female Figure

    William-Adolphe Bouguereau   France

    William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1825-1905, was a French academic oil painter. In his realistic genre paintings he used mythological themes, making modern ......Various Paintings Old Master - William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Antique Various Paintings - Ste Giovani Apostolo et Evangelistae
Lastest Added Work Ste Giovani Apostolo et Evangelistae

    James Abbott McNeill Whistler   United States

    James Abbott McNeill Whistler, 1834-1903, was an American-born artist during the Gilded Age and the Founder of Tonalism. In Whistler paintings, he adv ......Various Paintings Old Master - James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Antique Various Paintings - Moscow Smolensky boulevard Study
Lastest Added Work Moscow Smolensky boulevard Study

    Wassily Kandinsky   Russia

    Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky (Russian: Василий Кандинский), 1866-1944, was an influential Russian painter and art theorist. He expressed the communi ......Various Paintings Old Master - Wassily Kandinsky

Antique Various Paintings - The Healing of the Madman
Lastest Added Work The Healing of the Madman

    Vittore Carpaccio   Italy

    Vittore Carpaccio, 1465-1526, was an Italian painter of the Venetian school. He embarked on the paintings that have since awarded him the distinction ......Various Paintings Old Master - Vittore Carpaccio

Antique Various Paintings - Village Landscap
Lastest Added Work Village Landscap

    Thomas Sidney Cooper   United Kingdom

    Thomas Sidney Cooper, 1803-1902, was an English landscape painter noted for his oil painting of cattle and farm animals. He was elected an Associate o ......Various Paintings Old Master - Thomas Sidney Cooper

Antique Various Paintings - Mr Michells Picture Gallery At Grove House Enfield
Lastest Added Work Mr Michells Picture Gallery At Grove House Enfield

    Thomas Rowlandson   United Kingdom

    Thomas Rowlandson, 1756-1827, was an English artist and caricaturist. As a designer he was characterized by his facility and ease of draughtsmanship. ......Various Paintings Old Master - Thomas Rowlandson

Antique Various Paintings - The Summer House
Lastest Added Work The Summer House

    Thomas Pollock Anshutz   United States

    Thomas Pollock Anshutz, 1851-1912, was an American painter, co-founder of The Darby School and leader at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His po ......Various Paintings Old Master - Thomas Pollock Anshutz

Antique Various Paintings - Venetian Canal Scene
Lastest Added Work Venetian Canal Scene

    Thomas Moran   United States

    Thomas Moran, 1837-1926, was an American painter of the Hudson River School whose oil painting featured the Rocky Mountains. Thomas Moran art revealed ......Various Paintings Old Master - Thomas Moran

Antique Various Paintings - Fall
Lastest Added Work Fall

    Thomas Girtin   United Kingdom

    Thomas Girtin, 1775-1802, was an English painter, a friend and rival of Turner; he played a key role in establishing watercolour as a reputable art fo ......Various Paintings Old Master - Thomas Girtin

Antique Various Paintings - Cowboy Singing
Lastest Added Work Cowboy Singing

    Thomas Cowperthwait Eakins   United States

    Thomas Cowperthwait Eakins, 1844-1916, was an American realist painter, one of the most important artists in American art history. He painted several ......Various Paintings Old Master - Thomas Cowperthwait Eakins

Antique Various Paintings - Young Venetian After an Orgy
Lastest Added Work Young Venetian After an Orgy

    Thomas Couture   France

    Thomas Couture, 1815-1879, was an influential French history painter. In 1840, he began exhibiting historical and genre paintings at the Paris Salon, ......Various Paintings Old Master - Thomas Couture

Antique Various Paintings - Man on the street
Lastest Added Work Man on the street

    Theodore Gericault   France

    Théodore Géricault, 1791-1824, was an influential French oil painter, one of the pioneers of the Romantic Movement. He undertook on military subjects ......Various Paintings Old Master - Theodore Gericault

Antique Various Paintings - Sandro The Virgin with the child and five angels
Lastest Added Work Sandro The Virgin with the child and five angels

    Sandro Botticelli   Italy

    Sandro Botticelli, 1445-1510, was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance whose artwork had been seen to represent the linear grace of Early Renai ......Various Paintings Old Master - Sandro Botticelli

Antique Various Paintings - A Venetian Scene
Lastest Added Work A Venetian Scene

    Richard Parkes Bonington   United Kingdom

    Richard Parkes Bonington, 1801-1828, was an English Romantic oil painter. His landscape paintings were mostly of coastal scenes, with a low horizon an ......Various Paintings Old Master - Richard Parkes Bonington

Antique Various Paintings - Ephraim Bonus Jewish Physician SIL
Lastest Added Work Ephraim Bonus Jewish Physician SIL

    Rembrandt   Netherlands

    Rembrandt van Rijn, 1606-1669, was a Dutch painter. He was generally considered one of the greatest painters in European art and the most importa ......Various Paintings Old Master - Rembrandt

Antique Various Paintings - Theological Virtues
Lastest Added Work Theological Virtues

    Raphael   Italy

    Raphael, 1483-1520, was an Italian painter of the High Renaissance working for two Popes in Rome. Raphael art is admired for its clarity of form and e ......Various Paintings Old Master - Raphael

Antique Various Paintings - Sacra Conversazione
Lastest Added Work Sacra Conversazione

    Jacopo da Pontormo   Italy

    Jacopo da Pontormo, 1494-1557, was an Italian Mannerist painter and portraitist from the Florentine School. Pontormo art represented a profound stylis ......Various Paintings Old Master - Jacopo da Pontormo

Antique Various Paintings - Aeneas Piccolomini Arrives To Ancona
Lastest Added Work Aeneas Piccolomini Arrives To Ancona

    Bernardino di Betto   Italy

    Bernardino di Betto, 1454-1513, was an Italian painter of the Renaissance. Among panel paintings by Bernardino di Betto, the following are the most im ......Various Paintings Old Master - Bernardino di Betto

Antique Various Paintings - The Almighty with Prophets and Sybils 1500detail2
Lastest Added Work The Almighty with Prophets and Sybils 1500detail2

    Pietro Perugino   Italy

    Pietro Perugino, 1450-1523, was an Italian Renaissance painter of the Umbrian school, teacher of Raphael. His last frescoes were painted for the churc ......Various Paintings Old Master - Pietro Perugino

Antique Various Paintings - Lute Player
Lastest Added Work Lute Player

    Pietro Longhi   Italy

    Pietro Longhi, 1702-1785, was a Venetian oil painter of contemporary scenes of life. Many of Pietro Longhi art show Venetians at play. Nearly half of ......Various Paintings Old Master - Pietro Longhi

Antique Various Paintings - Prudence
Lastest Added Work Prudence

    Pieter Brueghel the Elder   Belgium

    Pieter Brueghel the Elder, 1525-1569, was a Flemish Renaissance oil painter known for his landscapes and peasant scenes. The artist was a pioneer of t ......Various Paintings Old Master - Pieter Brueghel the Elder

Antique Various Paintings - Prudhon16
Lastest Added Work Prudhon16

    Pierre-Paul Prud'hon   France

    Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, 1758-1823, was a French Romantic oil painter best known for his allegorical art and portraits. Prud'hon was at times clearly inf ......Various Paintings Old Master - Pierre-Paul Prud'hon

Antique Various Paintings - Portrait Of Federico Da Montefeltro
Lastest Added Work Portrait Of Federico Da Montefeltro

    Piero della Francesca   Italy

    Piero della Francesca, 1415-1492, was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance. Francesca painting was characterized by its serene humanism, its us ......Various Paintings Old Master - Piero della Francesca

Antique Various Paintings - Insula Dulcamara 193Expressionism Bauhaus Surrealism
Lastest Added Work Insula Dulcamara 193Expressionism Bauhaus Surrealism

    Paul Klee   Switzerland

    Paul Klee, 1879-1940, was a Swiss-born German painter in movement of Expressionism, Bauhaus, and Surrealism. Paul Klee paintings often have a fragile ......Various Paintings Old Master - Paul Klee

Antique Various Paintings - Pape Moe Mysterious Water
Lastest Added Work Pape Moe Mysterious Water

    Paul Gauguin   France

    Paul Gauguin, 1848-1903, was a leading French Post-Impressionist, was an important painter in the Symbolist movement. Gauguin art was influential to t ......Various Paintings Old Master - Paul Gauguin

Antique Various Paintings - Pencil StudyHippolyte Delaroche
Lastest Added Work Pencil StudyHippolyte Delaroche

    Paul Delaroche   France

    Paul Delaroche, 1797-1856, was a French oil painter, director of the French Academy in Rome. In 1845, he was elected into the National Academy of Desi ......Various Paintings Old Master - Paul Delaroche

Antique Various Paintings - Pool and Lane of Chestnut Trees at Jas de Bouffan
Lastest Added Work Pool and Lane of Chestnut Trees at Jas de Bouffan

    Paul Cezanne   France

    Paul Cézanne, 1839-1906, was a French artist and Post-Impressionist oil painter. He can be said to form the bridge between late 19th-century Impressio ......Various Paintings Old Master - Paul Cezanne

Antique Various Paintings - Noahs Sacrifice And Noahs Drunkenness
Lastest Added Work Noahs Sacrifice And Noahs Drunkenness

    Paolo Uccello   Italy

    Paolo Uccello, 1397-1475, was an Italian painter. The best known Uccello artworks are the three paintings representing the battle of San Romano. Paolo ......Various Paintings Old Master - Paolo Uccello

Antique Various Paintings - Sistine Chapel bay4
Lastest Added Work Sistine Chapel bay4

    Michelangelo   Italy

    Michelangelo, 1475-1564, was an Italian painter and engineer of the High Renaissance who exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of Weste ......Various Paintings Old Master - Michelangelo

Antique Various Paintings - The Annunciation
Lastest Added Work The Annunciation

    Melchior Broederlam   Netherlands

    Melchior Broederlam, 1350-after 1409, was one of the earliest Early Netherlandish painters. He was appointed valet de chambre to the Duke and in 1391 ......Various Paintings Old Master - Melchior Broederlam

Antique Various Paintings - Complaining Pharisee
Lastest Added Work Complaining Pharisee

    Matthias Grunewald   Germany 

    Matthias Grünewald, 1470-1528, was a German Renaissance painter of religious works, who ignored Renaissance classicism to continue the expressive and ......Various Paintings Old Master - Matthias Grunewald

Antique Various Paintings - Medallion
Lastest Added Work Medallion

    Masaccio   Italy

    Masaccio, 1401-1428, was the first great painter of the Quattrocento period of the Italian Renaissance and the best painter of his generation. He had ......Various Paintings Old Master - Masaccio

Antique Various Paintings - Baby s First Caress
Lastest Added Work Baby s First Caress

    Mary Stevenson Cassatt   United States

    Mary Stevenson Cassatt, 1844-1926, was an American Impressionism female painter, befriended Degas. Cassatt often created oil painting of the social an ......Various Paintings Old Master - Mary Stevenson Cassatt

Antique Various Paintings - Portrait Of A Saxon Prince
Lastest Added Work Portrait Of A Saxon Prince

    Lucas Cranach the Elder   Germany 

    Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1472-1553, was a German Renaissance painter, court painter to the Electors of Saxony. He is known for religious subjects and ......Various Paintings Old Master - Lucas Cranach the Elder

Antique Various Paintings - Study of a Lemon Tree
Lastest Added Work Study of a Lemon Tree

    Frederic Leighton   United Kingdom

    Sir Frederic Leighton, 1830-1896, was an English painter. His works depicted historical, biblical and classical subject matter. Leighton was knighted ......Various Paintings Old Master - Frederic Leighton

Antique Various Paintings - Les Tres Riches Heures Du Duc De Berry Juillet
Lastest Added Work Les Tres Riches Heures Du Duc De Berry Juillet

    The Limbourg brother   Netherlands

    The Limbourg brother (Herman, Paul, and Johan), 1385-1416, were famous Dutch miniature painters. Bible Moralisée, in the Bibliothèque nationale de Fra ......Various Paintings Old Master - The Limbourg brother

Antique Various Paintings - Landscape drawing for Santa Maria della Neve on 5th August 1473
Lastest Added Work Landscape drawing for Santa Maria della Neve on 5th August 1473

    Leonardo da Vinci   Italy

    Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519, an Italian Renaissance painter, was widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time and perhaps the mos ......Various Paintings Old Master - Leonardo da Vinci

Antique Various Paintings - Portrait Of The Artist Aged Seventeen
Lastest Added Work Portrait Of The Artist Aged Seventeen

    Sir Joshua Reynolds   United Kingdom

    Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1723-1792, was an influential eighteenth-century English painter, specialising in portraits and promoting the "Grand Style&q ......Various Paintings Old Master - Sir Joshua Reynolds

Antique Various Paintings - A Canal Tunnel Near Leeds
Lastest Added Work A Canal Tunnel Near Leeds

    Joseph Mallord William Turner   United Kingdom

    Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1775-1851, was an English landscape painter of oils and watercolours. Turner art is regarded as a Romantic preface to I ......Various Paintings Old Master - Joseph Mallord William Turner

Antique Various Paintings - StudyfortheLadyClareSmall
Lastest Added Work StudyfortheLadyClareSmall

    John William Waterhouse   United Kingdom

    John William Waterhouse, 1849-1917, was an English painter known for working in the Pre-Raphaelite style. One of the most famous Waterhouse paintings ......Various Paintings Old Master - John William Waterhouse

Antique Various Paintings - Study For The Surrender Of The Dutch Admiral
Lastest Added Work Study For The Surrender Of The Dutch Admiral

    John Singleton Copley   United States

    John Singleton Copley, 1738-1815, was an American-born painter, famous for his portrait paintings of important figures in colonial New England. His pa ......Various Paintings Old Master - John Singleton Copley

Antique Various Paintings - Cypress Trees at San Vigilio
Lastest Added Work Cypress Trees at San Vigilio

    John Singer Sargent   United States

    John Singer Sargent, 1856-1925, an American artist, was the leading portrait painter of his generation. The painter created roughly 900 oil paintings, ......Various Paintings Old Master - John Singer Sargent

Antique Various Paintings - Angel Sealing The Servants Of God
Lastest Added Work Angel Sealing The Servants Of God

    John LaFarge   United States

    John LaFarge, 1835-1910, was an American painter. The artist did murals, which were popular for public buildings as well as churches. LaFarge made ext ......Various Paintings Old Master - John LaFarge

Antique Various Paintings - Eynesford
Lastest Added Work Eynesford

    John Brett   United Kingdom

    John Brett, 1831–1902, was an English artist associated with the Pre-Raphaelite movement. In 1858 he exhibited "The Stonebreaker", the oil p ......Various Paintings Old Master - John Brett

Antique Various Paintings - Bucheron Preparant Des Fagots
Lastest Added Work Bucheron Preparant Des Fagots

    Jean-Francois Millet   France

    Jean-François Millet, 1814-1875, was a French painter and one of the founders of the Barbizon school in rural France. Millet art was noted for the sce ......Various Paintings Old Master - Jean-Francois Millet

Antique Various Paintings - Self Portrait
Lastest Added Work Self Portrait

    Jehan Fouquet   France

    Jehan Fouquet, 1420–1481, was a preeminent French painter of the 15th century, a master of both panel painting and manuscript illumination, and the in ......Various Paintings Old Master - Jehan Fouquet

Antique Various Paintings - 4 Still Life
Lastest Added Work 4 Still Life

    Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin   France

    Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, 1699-1779, was an 18th-century French painter, a master of still life and also noted for genre paintings depicting kitch ......Various Paintings Old Master - Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin

Antique Various Paintings - Charles Auguste Simon
Lastest Added Work Charles Auguste Simon

    Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres   France

    Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1780-1867, was a French Neoclassical painter, whose most significant heir was Degas. Ingres and the other Neoclassicist ......Various Paintings Old Master - Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Antique Various Paintings - Farm Scene With Cottages
Lastest Added Work Farm Scene With Cottages

    Jasper Francis Cropsey   United States

    Jasper Francis Cropsey, 1823-1900, was an important American landscape artist of the Hudson River School. Oil paintings by Cropsey are hung in the Whi ......Various Paintings Old Master - Jasper Francis Cropsey

Antique Various Paintings - Portrait Of Poet Jan Vos
Lastest Added Work Portrait Of Poet Jan Vos

    Jan Lievens   Belgium

    Jan Lievens, 1607-1674, was a Dutch painter. He began his career as an independent artist at about the age of 12 so that he was invited to the British ......Various Paintings Old Master - Jan Lievens

Antique Various Paintings - Villagers On Their Way To Market
Lastest Added Work Villagers On Their Way To Market

    Jan Brueghel the Elder   Belgium

    Jan Brueghel the Elder, 1568-1625, was a Flemish painter famous for his floral still lives and paradise landscapes. He applied himself principally to ......Various Paintings Old Master - Jan Brueghel the Elder

Antique Various Paintings - A Dandy
Lastest Added Work A Dandy

    James Tissot   France

    Jacques Joseph Tissot, 1836-1902, was a French painter, famous for his genre art of fashionably dressed women shown in various scenes of everyday life ......Various Paintings Old Master - James Tissot

Antique Various Paintings - Head of the Dead Marat
Lastest Added Work Head of the Dead Marat

    Jacques-Louis David   France

    Jacques-Louis David, 1748-1825, an influential French painter in the Neoclassical style, was regarded as the leading painter in France, and arguably a ......Various Paintings Old Master - Jacques-Louis David

Antique Various Paintings - African motiff
Lastest Added Work African motiff

    llya Yefimovich Repin   Russia

    llya Yefimovich Repin(Russian:Илья́ Ефи́мович Ре́пин), 1844-1930, was the most renowned Russian Realist artist, played a major role in bringing Russia ......Various Paintings Old Master - llya Yefimovich Repin

Antique Various Paintings - Pont Neuf Paris
Lastest Added Work Pont Neuf Paris

    Henri-Joseph Harpignies   France

    Henri-Joseph Harpignies, 1819-1916, was a French landscape painter of the Barbizon school. Many of his best paintings were painted at Hérisson in the ......Various Paintings Old Master - Henri-Joseph Harpignies

Antique Various Paintings - Desire dehau reading a newspaper in the garden 1890
Lastest Added Work Desire dehau reading a newspaper in the garden 1890

    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec   France

    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1864-1901, French artist, is among the most well-known painters of the Post-Impressionist period. Within less than 20 years ......Various Paintings Old Master - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Antique Various Paintings - A Scene On The Ice winter landscape
Lastest Added Work A Scene On The Ice winter landscape

    Hendrick Avercamp   Netherlands

    Hendrick Avercamp, 1585-1634, was a Dutch painter. The Flemish art tradition is mainly expressed in his early works. As one of the first landscape pai ......Various Paintings Old Master - Hendrick Avercamp

Antique Various Paintings - Lady Elyot
Lastest Added Work Lady Elyot

    Hans Holbein the Younger   Germany 

    Hans Holbein the Younger, 1497-1543, was a German artist in a Northern Renaissance style. He is best known as one of the greatest portraitists of the ......Various Paintings Old Master - Hans Holbein the Younger

Antique Various Paintings - Witches Sabbath
Lastest Added Work Witches Sabbath

    Hans Baldung   Germany 

    Hans Baldung Grien, 1484-1545, was a German artist in painting who was considered the most gifted student of Albrecht Dürer.  The painter produce ......Various Paintings Old Master - Hans Baldung

Antique Various Paintings - Januar
Lastest Added Work Januar

    Gustave Klimt   Austria

    Gustav Klimt, 1862-1918, was an Austrian symbolist painter. His primary subject was the female body, his works are marked by a frank eroticism, many o ......Various Paintings Old Master - Gustave Klimt

Antique Various Paintings - The Martyrdom of the Holy Innocents
Lastest Added Work The Martyrdom of the Holy Innocents

    Gustave Dore   France

    Gustave Doré, 1832-1883, was a French artist. His later paintings included illustrations for new editions of Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner, ......Various Paintings Old Master - Gustave Dore

Antique Various Paintings - Girl In A Black Hat
Lastest Added Work Girl In A Black Hat

    Giovanni Boldini   Italy

    Giovanni Boldini, 1842-1931, was an Italian genre and portrait painter. He attained success as a portraitist. In Paris, the artist became a friend of ......Various Paintings Old Master - Giovanni Boldini

Antique Various Paintings - Palazzo Patriarcale Jacobs Dream
Lastest Added Work Palazzo Patriarcale Jacobs Dream

    Giovanni Battista Tiepolo   Italy

    Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, 1696-1770, was an Italian Rococo painter, one of the greatest decorative painters of eighteenth-century Europe. ......Various Paintings Old Master - Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Antique Various Paintings - Make Portrait
Lastest Added Work Make Portrait

    Gerda Wegener   Denmark

    Gerda Marie Fredrikke Gottlieb (15 March 1886 – 28 July 1940) was a Danish fine-artist, illustrator and painter best known for erotica. Her artwork la ......Various Paintings Old Master - Gerda Wegener

Antique Various Paintings - Untitled 10
Lastest Added Work Untitled 10

    George Frederic Watts   United Kingdom

    George Frederic Watts, 1817-1904, was a popular English Victorian painter associated with the Symbolist movement. He became famous in his lifetime for ......Various Paintings Old Master - George Frederic Watts

Antique Various Paintings - Study For Harvest
Lastest Added Work Study For Harvest

    George Clausen   United Kingdom

    Sir George Clausen RA, 1852-1944, was an English artist working in both oils on canvas and watercolour. He was knighted in 1927. He became one of the ......Various Paintings Old Master - George Clausen

Antique Various Paintings - Hussar Russian Guard Corps
Lastest Added Work Hussar Russian Guard Corps

    Frederic Remington   United States

    Frederic Sackrider Remington, 1861-1909, was an American painter and illustrator in the "Golden Age" concentrating on the 19th-century Ameri ......Various Paintings Old Master - Frederic Remington

Antique Various Paintings - Study Of An Arab And An Arnaut Chief
Lastest Added Work Study Of An Arab And An Arnaut Chief

    Frederick Arthur Bridgman   United States

    Frederick Arthur Bridgman, 1847-1928, was an American artist known for his paintings of "Orientalist" subjects. In Algeria and Egypt he exec ......Various Paintings Old Master - Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Antique Various Paintings - Seated Nude
Lastest Added Work Seated Nude

    Francois Boucher   France

    François Boucher, 1703-1770, was a French painter in the Rococo style and the most celebrated decorative artist of the 18th century.  Marquise de ......Various Paintings Old Master - Francois Boucher

Antique Various Paintings - The Molo from the Bacino drawing
Lastest Added Work The Molo from the Bacino drawing

    Francesco Guardi   Italy

    Francesco Lazzaro Guardi, 1712-1793, was a Venetian painter, among the last practitioners of the classic Venetian school of painting. The most importa ......Various Paintings Old Master - Francesco Guardi

Antique Various Paintings - Madonna Annunciate
Lastest Added Work Madonna Annunciate

    Francesco di Giorgio   Italy

    Francesco di Giorgio Martini, 1439-1501, was an Italian painter of the Sienese School. The artist was in charge of the works at the Duomo di Siena, wh ......Various Paintings Old Master - Francesco di Giorgio

Antique Various Paintings - Adoration Of The Child With Saints 1460
Lastest Added Work Adoration Of The Child With Saints 1460

    Fra Filippo Lippi   Italy

    Fra Filippo Lippi, 1406-1469, was an Italian painter of the Quattrocento. He had always been zealously patronized by the Medici family. Francesco di P ......Various Paintings Old Master - Fra Filippo Lippi

Antique Various Paintings - Prophets
Lastest Added Work Prophets
Antique Various Paintings - Study for In Memoriam
Lastest Added Work Study for In Memoriam

    Evelyn De Morgan   United Kingdom

    Evelyn De Morgan, 1855-1919 , female, was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter. Works of Botticelli influenced her to move away from the classical subjec ......Various Paintings Old Master - Evelyn De Morgan

Antique Various Paintings - Quai de Louvre
Lastest Added Work Quai de Louvre

    Eugène Galien-Laloue   France

    Eugène Galien-Laloue, 1854–1941, was a French artist, was a populariser of street scenes, usually painted in autumn or winter. Galien-Laloue art of th ......Various Paintings Old Master - Eugène Galien-Laloue

Antique Various Paintings - Page of a sketchbook
Lastest Added Work Page of a sketchbook

    Eugene Delacroix   France

    Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix, 1798-1863, was a French Romantic artist who inspired the artists of the Symbolist movement. Dramatic and romantic c ......Various Paintings Old Master - Eugene Delacroix

Antique Various Paintings - Young Girl
Lastest Added Work Young Girl

    Emile Friant   France

    Émile Friant, 1863-1932, was a French Realism artist who created works in charcoal, oil, and other media. He also used photographs to prepare finished ......Various Paintings Old Master - Emile Friant

Antique Various Paintings - View of Toledo
Lastest Added Work View of Toledo

    El Greco   Spain

    El Greco, 1541-1614, was a Mannerism painter of the Spanish Renaissance. His dramatic and expressionistic style was met with puzzlement by his contemp ......Various Paintings Old Master - El Greco

Antique Various Paintings - Portrait of Whistler
Lastest Added Work Portrait of Whistler

    Edward Poynter   United Kingdom

    Sir Edward John Poynter, 1836-1919, was an English painter who served as President of the Royal Academy. He became best known for his large historical ......Various Paintings Old Master - Edward Poynter

Antique Various Paintings - The Cedars Of Lebanon
Lastest Added Work The Cedars Of Lebanon

    Edward Lear   United Kingdom

    Edward Lear, 1812-1888, was an English artist whose paintings were well received. The centenary of his death was marked in Britain with a set of Royal ......Various Paintings Old Master - Edward Lear

Antique Various Paintings - King Gaspar
Lastest Added Work King Gaspar

    Edward Burne-Jones   United Kingdom

    Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, 1833-1898, was a British artist in Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Aesthetic Movement, Arts and Crafts Movement. In 1885 he ......Various Paintings Old Master - Edward Burne-Jones

Antique Various Paintings - The Barricade Civil War
Lastest Added Work The Barricade Civil War

    Edouard Manet   France

    Édouard Manet, 1832-1883, was a French painter, was one of the first 19th-century artists to paint modern life, and a pivotal figure in the transition ......Various Paintings Old Master - Edouard Manet

Antique Various Paintings - Seated Dancer Adjusting Her Shoes
Lastest Added Work Seated Dancer Adjusting Her Shoes

    Edgar Degas   France

    Edgar Degas, 1834-1917, was a French artist famous for his paintings and drawings,  is regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism. He is es ......Various Paintings Old Master - Edgar Degas

Antique Various Paintings - Madonna with Child and Two ANgels Crevole Madonna
Lastest Added Work Madonna with Child and Two ANgels Crevole Madonna

    Duccio di Buoninsegna   Italy

    Duccio di Buoninsegna, 1255-1260 - 1318-1319, was an Italian artist. He is considered to be the father of Sienese painting and contributed significant ......Various Paintings Old Master - Duccio di Buoninsegna

Antique Various Paintings - Study of Florrie Bird for a water nymph in Prospero Summoning Nymphs and De
Lastest Added Work Study of Florrie Bird for a water nymph in Prospero Summoning Nymphs and De

    Herbert James Draper   United Kingdom

    Herbert James Draper, 1863-1920, was an English Classicist painter in the Victorian era. During his lifetime Draper was quite famous and a well-known ......Various Paintings Old Master - Herbert James Draper

Antique Various Paintings - The Madonna and Child with Saints4
Lastest Added Work The Madonna and Child with Saints4

    Domenico Veneziano   Italy

    Domenico Veneziano, 1410-1461, was an Italian painter of the early Renaissance. He is also known for a round panel of the Adoration of the Magi (1439– ......Various Paintings Old Master - Domenico Veneziano

Antique Various Paintings - Stigmata Of St Francis
Lastest Added Work Stigmata Of St Francis

    Domenico Ghirlandaio   Italy

    Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1449-1494, was an Italian Renaissance painter from Florence, is creditted as the teacher of Michelangelo.  His particular t ......Various Paintings Old Master - Domenico Ghirlandaio

Antique Various Paintings - Christ On The Cross 152Detail 2
Lastest Added Work Christ On The Cross 152Detail 2

    Denis van Alsloot   Belgium

    Denijs van Alsloot, 1570–1626, was a Flemish Baroque painter. At the beginning of the 17th century,his career rose when he served as court painter to ......Various Paintings Old Master - Denis van Alsloot

Antique Various Paintings - Study For Dante At Verona With A Preliminary
Lastest Added Work Study For Dante At Verona With A Preliminary

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti   United Kingdom

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1828-1882, was an English painter, founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848. His oil painting also influenced the Europe ......Various Paintings Old Master - Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Antique Various Paintings - Allegory Of September Triumph Of Vulcan
Lastest Added Work Allegory Of September Triumph Of Vulcan

    Cosme Tura   Italy

    Cosimo Tura, 1430-1495, also known as Il Cosmè or Cosmè Tura, was an Italian early-Renaissance (or Quattrocento) painter. Tura collaborated in the pai ......Various Paintings Old Master - Cosme Tura

Antique Various Paintings - Hamerocallis
Lastest Added Work Hamerocallis

    Claude Monet   France

    Oscar-Claude Monet, 1840-1926, was a founder of French Impressionist painting, practitioner of  plein-air landscape painting. The term "Impr ......Various Paintings Old Master - Claude Monet

Antique Various Paintings - The Challenge horse
Lastest Added Work The Challenge horse

    Charles Marion Russell   United States

    Charles Marion Russell, 1864-1926, was an cowboy artist of the Old American West. Russell created more than 2,000 paintings of cowboys, Indians, and l ......Various Paintings Old Master - Charles Marion Russell

Antique Various Paintings - Turkish Woman Annetta Smyrna
Lastest Added Work Turkish Woman Annetta Smyrna

    Charles Gleyre   Switzerland

    Marc Gabriel Charles Gleyrem, 1806-1874, was a Swiss artist, is teacher of Monet and Renoir. Charles Gleyre left a considerable number of drawings and ......Various Paintings Old Master - Charles Gleyre

Antique Various Paintings - Landscape in the Riesengebirge
Lastest Added Work Landscape in the Riesengebirge

    Caspar David Friedrich   Germany 

    Caspar David Friedrich, 1774-1840, was an icon of the German Romantic movement in 19th-century, as the most important German artist of his generation, ......Various Paintings Old Master - Caspar David Friedrich

Antique Various Paintings - Mammas and the small girls 1897
Lastest Added Work Mammas and the small girls 1897

    Carl Larsson   Sweden

    Carl Larsson, 1853-1919, was a Swedish painter representative of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Many Carl Larsson paintings include oils, watercolors, ......Various Paintings Old Master - Carl Larsson

Antique Various Paintings - Christ Portrait
Lastest Added Work Christ Portrait

    Carl Heinrich Bloch   Denmark

    Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1834-1890, was a Danish painter, finished the decoration of the ceremonial hall at the University of Copenhagen. Carl Bloch reach ......Various Paintings Old Master - Carl Heinrich Bloch

Antique Various Paintings - Eragny landscape
Lastest Added Work Eragny landscape

    Camille Pissarro   France

    Camille Pissarro, 1830-1903, was a Danish-French Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter. His importance resides in his contributions to both Impr ......Various Paintings Old Master - Camille Pissarro

Antique Various Paintings - Boats Entry to the Medina in the Isle of Wight
Lastest Added Work Boats Entry to the Medina in the Isle of Wight

    Berthe Morisot   France

    Berthe Morisot, female painter, 1841-1895, was a member of Impressionists. Her works reflect the 19th-century cultural restrictions of her class and g ......Various Paintings Old Master - Berthe Morisot

Antique Various Paintings - Sebastian on the Pillar
Lastest Added Work Sebastian on the Pillar

    Benozzo Gozzoli   Italy

    Benozzo Gozzoli, 1421-1497, was an Italian Renaissance painter from Florence, is best known for a series of murals. His painting Virgin and Child with ......Various Paintings Old Master - Benozzo Gozzoli

Antique Various Paintings - The Dead Christ
Lastest Added Work The Dead Christ

    Bartolomeo Vivarini   Italy

    Bartolomeo or Bartolommeo Vivarini, 1432-1499, was an Italian painter. He learned oil painting from Antonello da Messina, in in 1473 produced the firs ......Various Paintings Old Master - Bartolomeo Vivarini

Antique Various Paintings - Woman with Child and Girls on a Road
Lastest Added Work Woman with Child and Girls on a Road

    August Macke   Germany 

    August Macke, 1887-1914, was one of the leading members of the German Expressionist group The Blue Rider. August-Macke-Haus is a museum dedicated to A ......Various Paintings Old Master - August Macke

Antique Various Paintings - The Song Of The Lark
Lastest Added Work The Song Of The Lark

    Arthur Rackham   United Kingdom

    Arthur Rackham, 1867-1939, was an English book illustrator and painter, well known for children's literature. Arthur Rackham paintings have become ver ......Various Paintings Old Master - Arthur Rackham

Antique Various Paintings - Self Portrait
Lastest Added Work Self Portrait

    Arthur Hughes   United Kingdom

    Arthur Hughes, 1832-1915, was an English painter and illustrator associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.  His first oil painting, Musidor ......Various Paintings Old Master - Arthur Hughes

Antique Various Paintings - Buffel Headed Duck American Green Winged Teal And Hooded Merganser
Lastest Added Work Buffel Headed Duck American Green Winged Teal And Hooded Merganser

    Archibald Thorburn   Scottland

    Archibald Thorburn FZS, 1860-1935, was a Scottish artist and bird illustrator, painting mostly in watercolour.  His widely reproduced images of B ......Various Paintings Old Master - Archibald Thorburn

Antique Various Paintings - Passing Away Of St John
Lastest Added Work Passing Away Of St John

    Antonio da Correggio   Italy

    Antonio Allegri da Correggio, 1489-1534, was the foremost painter of the Italian Renaissance, was responsible for some of the most vigorous and sensuo ......Various Paintings Old Master - Antonio da Correggio

Antique Various Paintings - St Marys Church at Rye England
Lastest Added Work St Marys Church at Rye England

    Anthony van Dyck   United Kingdom

    Sir Anthony van Dyck, 1599-1641, was a Flemish Baroque artist and leading court painter in England. His portrait oil paintings with a relaxed elegance ......Various Paintings Old Master - Anthony van Dyck

Antique Various Paintings - Portrait Of Cyril Flower Lord Battersea
Lastest Added Work Portrait Of Cyril Flower Lord Battersea
Antique Various Paintings - Homage to Diana
Lastest Added Work Homage to Diana

    Annibale Carracci   Italy

    Annibale Carracci, 1560-1609, one of the first Italian Baroque painters to paint a canvas wherein landscape took priority over figures, this is a genr ......Various Paintings Old Master - Annibale Carracci

Antique Various Paintings - Mars and Venus
Lastest Added Work Mars and Venus

    Andrea Mantegna   Italy

    Andrea Mantegna, 1431-1506, was an Italian Renaissance painter. In 1516, a handsome monument was set up to him in the church of Sant'Andrea, The dome ......Various Paintings Old Master - Andrea Mantegna

Antique Various Paintings - Birth of the Virgin
Lastest Added Work Birth of the Virgin

    Andrea del Sarto   Italy

    Andrea del Sarto,1486–1530, was an Italian painter from Florence, whose career flourished during the High Renaissance and early Mannerism. A number of ......Various Paintings Old Master - Andrea del Sarto

Antique Various Paintings - Descent Of The Holy Spirit
Lastest Added Work Descent Of The Holy Spirit

    Andrea da Firenze   Italy

    Andrea da Firenze, Italian artist, 1343-1377. Andrea da Firenze is remembered mainly for his frescoes in the Spanish Chapel of Sta Maria Novella, Flor ......Various Paintings Old Master - Andrea da Firenze

Antique Various Paintings - Lisen Lamm
Lastest Added Work Lisen Lamm

    Anders Zorn   Sweden

    Anders Leonard Zorn, 1860-1920, was one of Sweden’s foremost artists with an international success as one of the most acclaimed portrait painters of h ......Various Paintings Old Master - Anders Zorn

Antique Various Paintings - F Champenois ImprimeurEditeur 1897
Lastest Added Work F Champenois ImprimeurEditeur 1897

    Alphonse Mucha   Czechrep

    Alfons Maria Mucha, 1860-1939, was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, known best for his distinct style. The Slav Epic (Slovanská epop ......Various Paintings Old Master - Alphonse Mucha

Antique Various Paintings - Young Girl in a Green Tunic
Lastest Added Work Young Girl in a Green Tunic

    Alexei Harlamov   Russia

    Alexei Alexeievich Harlamoff, 1840–1925, was a Russian painter. In 1870 Tsarina Maria Alexandrovna buys an oil painting by Harlamoff. In 1880 Harlamof ......Various Paintings Old Master - Alexei Harlamov

Antique Various Paintings - The Sulamite engraving
Lastest Added Work The Sulamite engraving

    Alexandre Cabanel   France

    Alexandre Cabanel, 1823-1889, was a French painter who won the Prix de Rome scholarship in 1845 . He painted historical, classical and religious paint ......Various Paintings Old Master - Alexandre Cabanel

Antique Various Paintings - Three Mighty Ladies from Livonia
Lastest Added Work Three Mighty Ladies from Livonia

    Albrecht Durer   Germany 

    Albrecht Dürer, 1471-1528, was a German painter, regarded as the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance ever since. His vast body of art includes ......Various Paintings Old Master - Albrecht Durer