Sense of Space- Anxiety & Prayer

Gao Brothers
Keywords: Conceptual PhotographyIconic imageNude bodyBox structurePolitical messageUniversal appealPhotographic printsspiritualwaitingConfined spacecontroversial subjectdesperation need helphelpless spaceHolding Candelssaying Prayer

Work Overview

The Gao Brothers (Chinese name 高氏兄弟; Gao Shen 高兟 1956 - ; Gao Qiang 高强 1962 - ) are a pair of artist brothers based in Beijing. Their work ranges from the political and satirical to questions of material and spiritual spaces, and takes a humanitarian stance that questions the role all parties play within contemporary Chinese society.

Their series of “Sense of Space” depicts the brothers and other anonymous models, naked, locked in boxes that are labeled with titles such as Prayer, Waiting, Anxiety, and Pain. Contorted bodies attempt to enter into boxes that are too small for them. Parables of the Chinese "social straitjacket", their work can take on a universal significance. 

The messages conveyed by the art of the Gao Brothers crossed boundaries borders and are understood to some degree in both Eastern and Western world. 

These works at first glance are erotic; but after further examination, they reveal the beauty, powerful, and thought-provoking meaning behind the surface.

Edition: AP. 1/2 Signed & dated. Framed.