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Redwood Media Group

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Chinese Painting, Various Paintings, Sculpture, Installation, Multimedia, Photography

Profile of Redwood Media Group:
Redwood Media Group is an exhibition or art show company, handles programs in major cities of US, such as  Artexpo New York, SPECTRUM Indian Wells, Art San Diego, Art Santa Fe, SPECTRUM Miami, Red Dot Miami, [SOLO], and [FOTO SOLO].

ARTEXPO is thought that the world’s largest fine art marketplace and has been changing the way people buy and sell art. Their annual, juried expo brings the biggest publishers, galleries and collectors face to face with hundreds of established and emerging artists. 

Art Santa Fe, gathers exceptional artists and galleries from around the world, is an exploration of world-class modern and contemporary art in a locale.

ARTEXPO and Art Santa Fe is run by one same management team of Redwood Media Group, is options for Singing Palette to attend art fairs.

Main Exhibitions:

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