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Gender: male   1962

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Slobodan Peladić's Art Exhibition Online and Biography

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Slobodan Peladić

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Sculpture, Multimedia

Slobodan Peladić Biography:
Slobodan Peladić (1962 - ) is a Serbian contemporary painter, sculptor and multimedia artist who was born in Šabac (Yugoslavia, now Serbia), was founder of Independent Artistic Association Kolektiv and director of The Association of Fine Artists of Šabac since 2000. Peladić artworks can be found in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad, National Museum in Šabac; and were exhibited at some group exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Slobodan Peladić's Representative Works Exhibitions:
1997 Šabac, Gallery of the National Museum/ Double Ellipse of Full and Empty Form/Two
1997 Belgrade, SKC Gallery/ Double Ellipse of Full and Empty Form
1996 Šabac, New Gallery/ (with Branislav Nikolić), Works on paper
1991 Ljubljana (Slovenia), ŠKUC Gallery/ 18. 06. - 13. 07. +
1990 Novi Sad, Arts Salon of the Youth Centre/ Small Format
1989 Ljubljana (Slovenia), Gallery Equrna
1989 Belgrade, Gallery of SKC
1989 Zagreb (Croatia), Gallery for Extended Media
1989 Šabac, Gallery of the National Museum/ The Syndrome of IE
1987 Novi Sad, Academy of Fine Arts,/Black Drawing
1986 Novi Sad, Street exhibition/ Against The War (with Rastislav Škulec)

Graduation School: Academy of Arts in Novi Sad

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