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Gender: male   1949

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Valeriy Grachov's Art Exhibition Online and Biography

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Valeriy Grachov

Art Types involved-in: Oil Painting, Various Paintings, Multimedia, Photography

Valeriy Grachov Biography:
Valeriy Grachov (1949 - ) is a contemporary Ukrainian watercolorist born in Archangelsk, Russia. After graduated from Kiev’s Institute of Design and Architecture in 1972, the artist traveled, resided and worked in many places over mountains in Central Asia, Baikal, Far East, on the islands in Japanese Sea. The painter lived and worked in Jyvaskyla (Finland) in 1988, Trenton (USA) in1989-90, Prague (Czech Rep.) in 1974-75, and presently lives in Kiev, Ukraine.

Valeriy Grachov's Representative Works Exhibitions:

1. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.The Institute of Experimental Designing, Kiev, Ukraine - 1975

2. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.The Union of Composers, Kiev, Ukraine - 1982

3. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.The Union of Composers, Kiev, Ukraine - 1984

4. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.The Union of Architects, Kiev, Ukraine - 1984

5. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.The Ministry of Geology, Kiev, Ukraine - 1988

6. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.The Club of Vasyutintsi Village, Chercassy Reg. Ukraine - 1989

7. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.The Palace of Sport, Kiev, Ukraine - 1993

8. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.The Ukrainian Art House, Kiev, Ukraine - 1993

9. “Face to Face”. TheMuseum of Shevchenko, together with S. Naberezhnih, Kiev, Ukraine -1993

10. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.Rifle Club, Prague, Czech Republic - 1994

11. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.International Trade Center, Central Office of AUDI, Prague, CzechRepublic - 1994

12. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.The Gallery “Fatherland”, Kiev, Ukraine - 1997

13. “Short sound of flute”.The Hall of Archive of Literature and Art, Kiev, Ukraine - 2002

14. “V. Grachov. Painting.”.The House of Actor, Kiev, Ukraine - 2003

15. “Truhaniv – My Love”.The Art Gallery of Kiev-Mogylyan Academy, Kiev, Ukraine - 2004

Graduation School: Kiev’s Institute of Design and Architecture

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