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The following are the contemporary Chinese artists and art institutions who have registered Singing Palette art website, and noted historical art masters, including famous artists/painters/sculptors/photographers and art galleries(museums) from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.

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Directory of Chinese Artists

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Artwork Cottage in Foggy Wood
Lastest Work Cottage in Foggy Wood

    Song Jiangcen    China

    Chinese Painting

    Song Jiangcen (1988 - ) is a contemporary Chinese ink painting artist who was graduated from art department in Guizhou Normal University and values art creation as well as theory. He is now teaching at a high school in Guizhou pro ......Artist Song Jiangcen

Artwork Secret within Secret
Lastest Work Secret within Secret

    Sunwei    China

    Oil Painting

    Sunwei (1984 - ) is a contemporary Chinese oil painter who was born in Shanxi Province. He has taken part in many art exhibitions at home and hosted many solo exhibitions. He has won many art awards in China. He graduated from oil ......Artist Sunwei

Artwork Years Gone By 16
Lastest Work Years Gone By 16

    Wang Panpan    China

    Oil Painting

    Wang Panpan (1982 - ) is a contemporary Chinese oil painter and art teacher who was born in Suzhou, Anhui province. He is a member of the Artists Association of Gansu province. His works have been displayed many times in China and ......Artist Wang Panpan

Artwork Cloud - Enlightment of Art
Lastest Work Cloud - Enlightment of Art

    Liu Wuan    China

    Oil Painting

    Liu Wuan (1976 - ) is a contemporary Chinese academism oil painter who was born in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. He is a member of CHN oil painting association and a college fine art teacher. He won his bachelor degree in 2003 at Xi’an ......Artist Liu Wuan

Artwork Putian Opera
Lastest Work Putian Opera

    Chen Haiwei    China

    Oil Painting

    Chen Haiwei (1971-; Chinese name 陈海威) is a contemporary Chinese painter who was born in Xianyou County, Fujian province. He is now a lecturer of oil painting major at Putian University, Fujian province and a member of Fujian Artis ......Artist Chen Haiwei

Artwork The Sight of Sailing Boats in Autumn
Lastest Work The Sight of Sailing Boats in Autumn

    Liu Yuzhu    China

    Chinese Painting

    Liu Yuzhu (1967.4 - ) is a contemporary Chinese traditional painter who was born in Cangzhou, Heibei province. His pen name is Tian Shi. He is a member of council at the Artists Association in Gansu Province; and vice president of ......Artist Liu Yuzhu

Artwork Man behind Mask
Lastest Work Man behind Mask

    Zeng Fanzhi    China

    Oil Painting

    Zeng Fanzhi (1964- ; Chinese name 曾梵志), a Chinese painter born in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, was considered to be one of the most representative contemporary artists who have international influence. His works were di ......Artist Zeng Fanzhi

Artwork 2008 8 8
Lastest Work 2008 8 8

    Fang Lijun    China

    Oil Painting

    Fang Lijun (1963-; Chinese name 方力钧), born in the city of Handan, Hebei Province, was one of the contemporary Chinese painters who enjoyed the biggest international fame in 1990s. He is one of the most important representativ ......Artist Fang Lijun

Artwork Untitled
Lastest Work Untitled

    Yue Minjun    China

    Oil Painting

    Yue Minjun (1962- ; Chinese name 岳敏君), a famous contemporary Chinese painter who was born in the city of Daqing, has held many solo exhibitions at home and abroad. His works are collected by many museums at home and abroad, f ......Artist Yue Minjun

Artwork Bloodline
Lastest Work Bloodline

    Zhang Xiaogang    China

    Oil Painting

    Zhang Xiaogang (1958- ; Chinese name 张晓刚), born in Kunming, Yunnan Province, was a world-renowned contemporary Chinese painter. He has been taking part in important exhibitions at home and abroad frequently since early 1990s ......Artist Zhang Xiaogang

Artwork Face of Faith
Lastest Work Face of Faith

    Wang Guangyi    China

    Installation Oil Painting

    Wang Guangyi (1957- ; Chinese name 王广义), born in Harbin, is a Chinese installation artist and painter and a main participant in the “Chinese New Art Movement” (“85 New Wave Movement”). He went through the 10-year Great Cultural Re ......Artist Wang Guangyi

Artwork Bride 2005
Lastest Work Bride 2005

    Wang Yidong    China

    Oil Painting

    Wang Yidong (1955-; Chinese name 王沂东), born in the city of Penglai, Shandong Province, is one of the most talented contemporary Chinese oil painting artists. He is a member of the council of China Artists Association and also ......Artist Wang Yidong

Artwork How Difficult to Draw a Circle
Lastest Work How Difficult to Draw a Circle

    Lin Xinghu    China

    Chinese Painting

    Lin Xinghu (1949.8- ) is a contemporary Chinese ink cartoonist who was born in Xiapu county, Fujian province. His pen name is “Master of Lanxin House”. He is a member of Fujian Artists Association and Fujian Cartoon Association.Ba ......Artist Lin Xinghu

Artwork River Crossing
Lastest Work River Crossing

    Luo Zhongli    China

    Oil Painting

    Luo Zhongli (1948-; Chinese name 罗中立), born in the city of Chongqing, is a Chinese painter, educator. He was the dean of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and is now the dean of Chinese Contemporary Academy of Arts and also in charge of ......Artist Luo Zhongli

Artwork Little Tibetan Girl
Lastest Work Little Tibetan Girl

    Ai Xuan    China

    Oil Painting

    Ai Xuan (1947- ; Chinese name 艾轩), born in the city of Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, is a Chinese painter known to the world for his realistic oil paintings about Tibet. He is a son of the poet Ai Qing and the elder brother of artist ......Artist Ai Xuan

Artwork Waiting
Lastest Work Waiting

    Chen Yifei    China

    Oil Painting

    Chen Yifei (1946-2005; Chinese name 陈逸飞), a famous Chinese painter and visual artist, was a key figure in the history of the development of Chinese oil painting and also the most famous Chinese painter among the western world.&nbs ......Artist Chen Yifei

Artwork Dragon and Phoenix
Lastest Work Dragon and Phoenix

    Yang Xiyuan    China

    Chinese Painting

    Yang Xiyuan, born in 1945 in Beijing, Contemporary Traditional Chinese painter, and Member of Artist Association of Shanxi Province. Due to his family’s nurturing, he was fascinated by Chinese ink painting since his childhood, and ......Artist Yang Xiyuan

Artwork Summer day
Lastest Work Summer day

    Li Jiahui    China

    Oil Painting

    Li Jiahui (1940-2010) was a contemporary Chinese oil painter, was member of Fujian Artists Association, and a dean and associate professor of the Art Department in Jimei University. He was as homely as his works that are on d ......Artist Li Jiahui

Artwork Tree of Life
Lastest Work Tree of Life

    Zao Wou-Ki    France

    Oil Painting

    Zao Wou-Ki (1921.2.13-2013.4.9, Chinese name 赵无极) was a French-Chinese painter who was born in Beijing. He was awarded “Praemium Imperiale Award for Painting” by the Japanese Art Association, Commandeur de la Légion d’Honneur, aca ......Artist Zao Wou-Ki

Artwork Untitled 010
Lastest Work Untitled 010

    Chu Teh-Chun    France

    Various Paintings Oil Painting

    Chu Teh-Chun (1920.5.22-2014.3.26, Chinese name 朱德群) was a Chinese-French painter who was born in Xiao County, Anhui Province. He was the first academician of Chinese origin in the Académie des Beaux-Arts. The famous Chinese paint ......Artist Chu Teh-Chun

Artwork Team of cattle
Lastest Work Team of cattle

    Wu Guanzhong    China

    Oil Painting Chinese Painting

    Wu Guanzhong (1919.8.29-2010.6.25, Chinese name 吴冠中), born in the city of Yixing, Jiangsu Province, China, was a contemporary Chinese painter, and an educator of modern painting. He taught at China Central Academy of Fine Arts, an ......Artist Wu Guanzhong

Artwork Mid river
Lastest Work Mid river

    Wu Zuoren    China

    Oil Painting Chinese Painting

    Wu Zuoren (1908.11.3-1997.4.9, Chinese name 吴作人), born in the city of Suzhou, was a contemporary Chinese artist famous for oil painting and traditional Chinese painting. He was the chairman of China Artists Association and the Dea ......Artist Wu Zuoren

Artwork 5 love of butterfly and flower
Lastest Work 5 love of butterfly and flower

    Fu Baoshi    China

    Chinese Painting

    Fu Baoshi (1904-1965; Chinese name 傅抱石), previously named Changsheng, or Ruilin, was also called the master of Baoshi room. He was born in the city of Nanchang, Jiangxi province while his ancestors came from the city of Xinyu, Zhe ......Artist Fu Baoshi

Artwork Li bai s drunken calligraphy 1971
Lastest Work Li bai s drunken calligraphy 1971

    Ding Yanyong    China

    Chinese Painting

    Ding Yanyong (1902-1978; Chinese name 丁衍庸), born in Maoming County, Guangzhou Province, was a Chinese painter and art educator who was good at oil painting, traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. He was one of the vital adv ......Artist Ding Yanyong

Artwork Lotus 3
Lastest Work Lotus 3

    Chang Dai-chien    China

    Chinese Painting

    Chang Dai-chien (1899.5.10-1983.4.2, Chinese name 张大千), born in the city of Neijiang, Sichuan Province, was a contemporary Chinese painter of “splash-ink” traditional Chinese painting and calligrapher. He was honored with the titl ......Artist Chang Dai-chien

Artwork Himalayan landscape
Lastest Work Himalayan landscape

    Xu Beihong    China

    Chinese Painting Oil Painting

    Xu Beihong (1895-1953; Chinese name 徐悲鸿), born in Qiting Town, the city of Yixing, Jiangsu province, was a contemporary Chinese painter of the Han nationality whose original name was Xu Shoukang. He studies oil painting in France ......Artist Xu Beihong

Artwork Bindweed dodder 2
Lastest Work Bindweed dodder 2

    Qi Baishi    China

    Chinese Painting

    Qi Baishi (1864.1.1-1957.9.16; Chinese name 齐白石), also called Qi Chunzhi previously, was a modern master of traditional Chinese painting who was born in Xiangtan County, the city of Changsha, Hunan Province in Qing Dynasty. Picass ......Artist Qi Baishi

Artwork Peaches
Lastest Work Peaches

    Wu Changshuo    China

    Chinese Painting

    Wu Changshuo (1844.8.1-1927.11.29; Chinese name 吴昌硕) was born in the city of Huzhou, Zhejiang province. He was a master who was good at poetry creation, calligraphy, painting and seal-carving. He was one of the “Four Shanghai scho ......Artist Wu Changshuo

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