Singing Palette - Collecting Consultation , set up a trustful bridge for global collectors and artists!
Singing Palette - Artwork exhibition of contemporary artists from different countries!
Singing Palette - an online communicational platform for global original art!
Singing Palette - have over one hundred cooperating galleries and media globally!
Singing Palette - display artists works globally in English, Chinese, French, and German without charges.
Singing Palette - hold art exhibition of all kinds frequently, by collaborating with global galleries and media.

On Singing Palette website, there are thousands of works submitted by registered artists from all over the world.
All the art for sale must undergo three manual verification: preliminary verification by Singing Palette, the second by Art Editors and the third by Singing Palette with noted Art Consultant.
Then, they will be displayed on Singing Palette art portal website in English, Chinese, French, and German version.

Frequently Asked Questions of Art Collectors >>
Singing Palette will sign the Copyright Agreement with registered artists,
and verify the authenticity and copyright of the works in accordance with the collectors' requests, to ensure the submitted works by users are authentic and independent creation by the registering artists(or artists agented by registering galleries), without any Copyright problems.
Buyer's will get Certificate of Originals with artist's signature if collect artworks from Singing Palette.

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